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Pulkit was the first company to manufacture corrosion resistant steel TMT bars in South India. These are produced using a judicious selection of corrosion resistant elements, complemented by a special Thermo-Mechanical Treatment. Copper plug pores in rust. Phosphorus acts as an inhibitor as PO. The oxide layer formed is dense, with few pores/cracks which reduces the ingress of oxygen , sulphur dioxide, chloride etc., through tthe oxide-metal interface. Resistance to pitting is improved by the chromium content. The microstructure resulting from the TMT process leads to higher corrosion resistanct compared to regular TMT bars.

Pulkit CRS advantage:

  • Longer life due to superior pitting resistance
  • High yield strength coupled with good ductility and bendability
  • No extra precation required during welding, making it more suitable to poor onsiteworking conditions
  • Can be bent and re-bent around very small mandrel
  • Suitable for application in seismic zones

CRS re-bars are produced in Fe415/Fe500 Grade , in the range of 8 to 36 mm with an IS 1786 certification (2003) and an ISO 9001S-2000 certification (2006), it comes as no surprise that PMPL already stands amongst the leaders of the steel industry in South India.

The Pulkit TMT advantage:

Withstands bending and re-bending, with mandrel diameter of 2D and 4C rsespectively (where D is the diameter of the bar) due to low carbon content and higher elongation, also making it easier to work with.

  • Safe and economic, due to bendability, weldabillity and excellent ductility
  • The tempered martensic layer of the outer surface enables retention of strength in case of fire hazards and situations where temperatures rise up to 600°c
  • The TMT process gives the bar superior strength and anti-corrosive properties.
  • The soft ferrite-pearlite core enables the bar to bear dynamic and seismic loading, making it earthquake resistant
  • TMT bars have fine welding features allowing butt wending and lap-welding
  • The external ribs running across the entire length of the TMT bar gives supedrior bonding strength between the bar and concrete.

Regional presence with Good Distributor & Dealer Network.

  • Central Public Works
  • District Rural Development Agency Tamil Nadu
  • Karnataka Rural Development Agency
  • Neyveli Lignite Corporation
  • Public Works Department
  • Tamil Nadu Electrictity Board
  • Tamil Nadu Housing Board

Constant innovation and a responsible business approach has made PMPL a company whose name is synonymous to many firsts. Amongst its many achievements, it can boast of being the first to take a green initiative by installing a Biomass Gasifier. This has helped them displace usage of upto 7000 liters of furnace oil per day, reducing the emission levels by 20 tons per day or 6000 tons per year, making it the first steel company in India to be pollution-free.

Pulkit Metals Plant, Puducherry has earned an accolade by the UNDP-GEF for their green initiatives been awarded the “Energy Conservation Award-2009” by the government of Puducherry.

Our Puducherry plant is the first to take a green initiative by installing a Biomass Gasifier which displaced the usage of 7000 liters of furnace oil per day, reducing the emission levels by 20 tons per day or 6000 tons per year. Pulkit also produces its own Biofuels for the Gasifier, an initiative that has helped encourage the local villagers to improve their economic status by encasing their agro waste. Pulkit is also the first steel company in South India to manufacture Corrosion Resistant Steel TMT bars.

Pulkit Metals has earned the BWR (Brick Work Ratings) Credit rating of “BBB” (-) (indicating stable) January 2017.

Pushilkalahasthi Plant, Produces 12MW power using WHRB (Waste Heat Recovery Boilers).

Pulkit Group strongly believes in giving back, not only to the land it reaps from but also to the people who make the Group stand tall. “Pulkit Barbenders Academy, Pulkit Bar benders Academy reaches out to young men who have dropped out to school prematurely, to familiarize them with a proper work culture and skills of barbending.

The course is conducted in conjunction with Pondicherry Engineering College (PEC), and the students are given certifications at the end of the course which is recognized and holds them in good stand for placements in construction companies.

“Pulkit First Aid Centre” – Clinic in Puducherry where treatments & medicines are offered free of cost to help the local villagers.

Supports an Old Age Home in Chennai and Supports mass marriage for the under privileged couples every year.

Providing clean RO drinking water to the villages near the plant.