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Pulkit Our Edge over Others
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Our Futuristic Approach & Constant Innovation
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Our Strength Integrated Steel Plant


- Behind the group -

We started manufacturing with a modest production of 2400 Metric Tons (mts) pa and now we are one of the largest manufactures of TMT & CRS bars in South India with installed Manufactuirng capacity of 6 lakhs ton per annum, which includes Direct Reduced Iron (DRI), Billets, TMT & CRS bars, Power (Gas, waste heat, coal & Wind Mill) products.

To be a knowledge based organisation that continuously achieves economic value through eco friendly operational excellence, enabled by the continuous innovation and driven by technology to meet customer satisfaction.

Pulkit Group prime motive is to maintain high quality of products and sustain the environment. While maintaining the highest standards in quality, it gives utmost importance to the safety and security of the employees.

about the group


Pulkit was the first company to manufacture corrosion resistant steel TMT bars in South Indian. These are produced using a judicious selection of corrosion resistant elements, complemented by a special Thermo-Mechanical Treatment. Copper plug pores in rust.

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