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Made with Technology.

Thermo Mechanically Treated steel or TMT bars as are more popularly known, is the 'new generation' steel, that has high strengths not obtained in any other process of steel-making. TMT steel is manufactured by heating initially at 1200^0c, which is then austenitzied (the technical term used for the proceed of converting ferrite materials in iron to austenites), is then taken through a process called quenching that allows rapid cooling and conversion to maternsite, the high strength structure of steel.

During the Thermo Mechanical Treatment, the steel bars are made to pass through a specially designed water-cooling system. The bars are cooled in water for a specific period of time such that the surface is colder than the inner core which remains hot. This makes the heat flow from the inner core to outer surface, causing tempering. This additional tempering of steel bars helps to impart a higher strength to the steel thus treated.


Withstands bending and re-bending, with mandrel diameter of 2D and 4D respectively (where D is the diameter of the bar) due to low carbon content and higher elongation, also making it easier to work with.

  • Safe and economic, due to bendability, weldability and excellent ductility.
  • The tempered martensic layer of the outer surface enables retention of strength in case of fire hazards and situations where temperatures rise up to 600^0c.
  • The TMT process gives the bar superior strength and anti-corrosive properties.
  • The soft ferrite-pearlite core enables the bar to bear dynamic and seismic loading, making it earthquake resistant.
  • TMT bars have fine welding features allowing butt wending and lap-welding.
  • The external ribs running across the entire length of the TMT bar gives superior bonding strength between the bar and concrete.
  • The TMT Produced by PULKIT using Thermax technology produces uniform strength – the perfect ring around the bars.


Pulkit Metals Plant, Puducherry has earned an accolade by the UNDP-GEF for their green initiatives been awarded the "Energy Conservation Award-2009" by the government of Puducherry.

Our Puducherry plant is the first to take a green initiative by installing a Biomass Gasifier which displaced the usage of 7000 litres of furnace oil per day, reducing the emission levels by 20 tons per day or 6000 tonnes per year. Pulkit also produces its own Biofuels for the gasifier, an initiative that has helped encourage the local villagers to improve their economic status by encashing their agro waste. Pulikt is also the first steel company in South India to manufacture Corrosion Resistant Steel TMT bars.

Our Kalahasthi Plant, Produces 12MW power using WHRB (Waste Heat recovery Boilers) thus reducing the greenhouse emissions emitted during the manufacturing of Sponge Iron.

Description TMT
Standards IS 1786 - 2008
Grade Fe-550, Fe-550D
Corrosion Resistant Steel
Specifications 8mm to 40mm
Nominal Size mm BIS Standards Weight per meter in Kgs Tolerance Pulkit TMT Bars Weight per meter in Kgs
8 0.395 7% 0.370 - 0.390
10 0.617 7% 0.575 - 0.600
12 0.888 5% 0.845 - 0.880
16 1.58 5% 1.515 - 1.560
20 2.47 3% 2.400 - 2.450
25 3.85 3% 3.740 - 3.840
28 4.83 3% 4.700 - 4.800
32 6.31 3% 6.150 - 6.300
36 7.99 3% 7.800 - 7.900
40 9.86 3% 9.600 - 9.800
Property Mechanical Properties (Percentage minimum)
Fe-500 Fe-500D Fe-550 Fe-550D
bis pulkit bis pulkit bis pulkit bis pulkit
.2% Proof Stress / Yield Stress Min, N/Sqmm 500 530 500 530 550 570 550 550
Elongation, % Min on gauge Length 5.65 √a-A is cross sectional Area 12 18 16 20 10 16 14.5 14.5