The introduction of Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) Bars was a game changing step towards progress in construction and all allied industries. They are now an integral part of the requirements in the construction industry. The main characteristics of TMT bars are their high tensile strength, yield strength, ductility, flexibility, corrosion resistance, shock proof properties, fire resistance and earthquake resistance. They are also long lasting and durable.

The TMT bars acquire their qualities primarily because of the Thermex cooling technology used in their manufacturing. TMT steel is manufactured by heating raw material at 1100 degrees initially, after which it is Austenitized. Then, the bars undergo a process called quenching which allows rapid cooling and conversion into Martensite, which contributes to the high strength structure of steel.

During the TMT process, the steel bars are made to pass through a specially-designed water cooling system. The bars are cooled in water for a specific period of time and because of that the Martensite surface is colder than the inner ferrite and pearlite core that remains hot. This makes the heat flow from the inner core to the outer surface, causing tempering. This additional tempering of steel bars gives TMT steel bars the strength it acquires.

One of the notable physical features of TMT bars are their ribbed surface. They appear as double rows of crosswise formations distributed uniformly across the entire length of the bars.

Why do TMT bars need ribs?

  •         Ribs are essential in TMT bars to make the construction strong by creating better bonding between concrete and the steel bars. When the bonding is more, automatically the yield strength of the structure also increases, thus making it resistant to natural calamities and earthquakes.
  •         Ribs are essential for even load distribution. To ensure the stability of the building this is a key feature.
  •         In construction to ensure better traction and optimum grip for concrete mixture, ribs are of significant use. They prevent the chances of concrete slippage and thereby ensure strength and better life of structures.
  •         Bendability and Weldability are necessary qualities of TMT bars. Ribbed bars provide these along with keeping a check on the overall costs. The Bendability and Weldability doesn’t come at the cost of the strength of the bars.
  •         Rust formation when concrete comes into contact with bars is a huge avoidable problem. With high quality TMT bars of Pulkit TMT, you can avoid this risk.

The key advantages of opting for Pulkit ribbed TMT bars can be summarized below.

Pulkit TMT has

  •         Best in the industry bonding strength between bar and concrete and hence has more even load distribution along with better grip and less slipping chance for concrete.
  •         Very good welding features that allow butt welding, lap welding etc.
  •         Soft Ferrite-Pearlite core which bears dynamic and seismic loading making them earthquake-resistant.
  •         High Bendability, Weldability and excellent Ductility and hence is safe and economic.
  •         Tempered Martensite outer layer which resists fire hazards.
  •         Low carbon content and higher elongation due to which it can withstand bending and rebending.
  •         Superior strength and anti corrosive properties because of the Thermex process used in its manufacture

Pulkit TMT is one of the top TMT Bar Company and TMT bar suppliers in the country. Ribbed TMT bars made by Pulkit TMT bar manufacturer fulfils all the quality requirements expected out of top steel manufacturers producing TMT bars. To know more about us, our steel production and our world class TMT bars log on to

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