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- Pulkit -


PMPL was the first company to manufacture corrosion-resistant steel TMT bars in South India. These are produced using a judicious selection of corrosion-resistant elements, complemented by a special Thermo Mechanical Treatment. A copper plug pores in rust. Phosphorus acts as an inhibitor as PO. The oxide layer formed is dense, with few pores/cracks which reduces the ingress of oxygen, sulphur dioxide, chloride, etc., through the oxide-metal interface. Resistance to pitting is improved by the chromium content. The microstructure resulting from the TMT process leads to higher corrosion resistance compared to regular TMT bars.

CRS rebars are produced in Fe415/Fe500 Grade, in the range of 8 to 36.

With IS 1786 (2003) and an ISO 9001S-2000 certifications to its credit (2006), it comes as no surprise that PMPL already stands amongst the leaders of the steel industry in South India.

With the vision to manufacture excellent quality TMT bars and to cater to the broad requirements of the construction industry, our founder and Managing Director, Mr Vinod Garg has set up M/S Pulkit Metals Private Limited. Being a man with great foresight and a keen acumen about the steel industry, it was his vision and effort that resulted in the setting up of PMPL.

He, along with a core team of dedicated individuals, put in great effort over the years, to ensure that PMPL stays ahead of others in technological superiority and eco-friendly products and processes.

In addition to technology, Human Resource at PMPL is considered as a source of excellence. This motivated force works with an extraordinary will to excel. It is Mr Vinod Garg's spirit of entrepreneurship that has resulted in PMPL achieving more and reaching greater heights within a decade.

- Our futuristic approach -


Constant innovation and a responsible business approach have made PMPL a company that's synonymous with many firsts. Amongst its many achievements, it can boast of being the first to take a green initiative by installing a Biomass Gasifier. This has helped them displace usage of upto 7000 liters of furnace oil per day, reducing the emission levels by 20 tonnes per day or 6000 tonnes per year, making it the first steel company in India to be pollution-free.

PMPL also produces its own Biofuels for the Gasifier, an initiative that has helped encourage the local villagers to improve their economic status.

PMPL is also the first steel company in South India to manufacture Corrosion-Resistant Steel TMT bars.

PMPL has earned accolades from the UNDP-GEF for their green initiatives.

PMPL also won the "Energy Conservation Award-2009" by the Government of Puducherry.


- Our Strength -

Integrated Steel Plant


Also called sponge iron, the raw material to make DRI is coal & iron ore. This is procured either from the best quality mines in the country or imported from countries like South Africa. Pulkit manufactures DRI that has a minimum Fe content of 83 - 90%. We consume the entire DRI make for our production of billets.


Billets are the second stage of product of steel production. Over the years, Pulkit has aggressively expanded its operations and integrated into billet manufacturing by melting steel. We manufacture various grades of billets in our induction furnace.


We generate 12MW power using WHRB (Waste Heat Recovery Boilers). With the motto of zero-energy loss mark, we have set up power-plants to recycle the waste heat gases emitted from our DRI kilns. We also generate 4MW power in Tamil Nadu through windmills.