Ms Priyamanjari Todi, Whole Time Director, Electrosteel Castings Limited will be Chairperson, CII Tirupati Zone and Mr Puushpit Garg, Director, Pushpit Steel Pvt ltd will be the Vice Chairman, CII Tirupati Zone Skill is the Future of the Workforce says Mr K Srinivas Rao, Founder & Chief Strategist, The Strategist. 

28 February 2023, Tirupati: Confederation of Indian Industry organized Annual Meeting of CII Tirupati zone at Fortune Select grand Ridge, Tirupati.

On this occasion, Mr Neeraj Sarda, Chairman, CII Andhra Pradesh announced new office-bearers of CII Tirupati Zone for the year 2023-24. Ms Priyamanjari Todi, Whole Time Director, Electrosteel Castings Limited is appointed as the Chairperson of CII Tirupati Zone for the year 2023-24. Earlier, she was the Vice Chairperson of Tirupati Zone.

She is a B.Com. (Hons) graduate from Calcutta University along with a B.Sc. IT degree from Manipal University. Under her leadership, Electrosteel Castings Ltd- Srikalahasthi Works has completed its 1st phase expansion plans. ECL-SW successfully commissioned their new 450 m3 blast furnace in August 2021, with increased hot metal capacity from 3 lac to 4 lac ton plus along with other ancillary infrastructure to support the increased capacity. She is currently overseeing the Phase 2 expansion plans of the unit.

Mr Puushpit Garg, Director, Pushpit Steel Pvt ltd is appointed as the Vice Chairman, CII Tirupati Zone. Mr Garg has completed his Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University at Bloomington, United States of America – 2013. Pushpit joined the family business in 2013. He started his career at the recently acquired Sri Venkateshwara Steel plant and renames as Pushpit Steel Pvt ltd. In the first two years he helped revamping the unit – overseeing the completion of the 12 Mw power plant and looking after the entire operations. From 2016 he started overseeing the purchase and in 2020 the sales and marketing function. From 2020 he oversaw the setup of a 3 lac tons per annum rolling mill. The mill was successfully commissioned in January of 2022

Coinciding the CII Tirupati Zone Annual Meeting a Session on Future of Work and Skills was organised. Addressing the Session Dr Ramadevi Gourineni, Adjunct Associate Professor of Neurology, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago & Managing Director, Amara Hospital in her address mentioned that workforce is important for any Industry and should be provided with the required facilities to ease their pressures and deliver the work.

Mr K Srinivas Rao, Founder & Chief Strategist, The Strategist has shared that the Skill is the future for the Workforce and it is on the employee to update his skills to withstand the automation and AI. He also mentioned that the ethics and culture are the important factors for both employers and employees.

Dr CB Patil, General Manager HR, IR and PR, Kia India Pvt Ltd insisted the future workforce to be flexible to learn, unlearn and relearn based on the market needs.

Dr M Lakshmi Prasad, Vice Chairman, CII Andhra Pradesh and Managing Director, Sujay Biotech; Mr Anand Leo, General Manager HR, Danieli Group; Mr B Srinivas Satish, Head, CII Andhra Pradesh were also present.