Headquartered in Chennai, the Pulkit Group has been in the manufacturing industry since 1995 with a group turnover of INR 1000 Crores and plants in the three locations. Pulkit started manufacturing with a modest production of 2,400 metric tons (mts) p.a. and now is one of the largest manufacturers of TMT & CRS bars in South India with Installed Manufacturing capacity of 6 lakh tons per annum, which includes the following products.

  •       Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)
  •       Billets
  •       TMT & CRS bars
  •       Power (Gas, waste heat, coal & windmill)

 With its registered office in Chennai and manufacturing unit based out of Sreekalahasti, Pushpit Steels Pvt ltd, functions under the Pulkit TMT umbrella group. The company is principally engaged in the production of Billets and Sponge and acquired the Kalahasti plant in 2012. It was a very ambitious and farsighted take over given that at the time of take over it was only just the furnace that was running in the plant. Since then, the leading teams have worked tirelessly to restore the sponge iron division which too was in a shutdown state. Bringing back to life the half-completed power plant into operation was yet another challenging task they had at hand

 Since inception, the company has spearheaded attempts to incorporate innovative methodologies into its manufacturing processes. In 2021, Pushpit Steels Kalahasti got a new rolling mill commissioned in its premises with an estimated capacity of 3 lakh tonne per annum. The Mechanical Equipment was supplied by NavBharat Engineering, PLC who was supplied the same by FUJI Gemco With Thermax technology licence.

Post this major upgrade, the new high-capacity installation will be considered the flagship project of the group. The new rolling technologies such as No Twist Mill powering makes this a significant breakthrough. No Twist rolling mill technology is where the billet goes directly and straight in without the usual twisting and turning of it that is done in traditional mills. The usage of an induction heater in the mill gives better consistency to the TMT bars and also results in lesser energy consumption. There is a 12-metre scale pit to enable the plant to run round the clock. The housing less stands are also made possible with quick changing robots. A good quality rolling mill gives uniform and proper shape to all rebars.


Pushpit Steels was supported by their dynamic partners in the efforts involved in this massive upgradation. There were two main consultants for the project. One was Korus Engineering- a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy led by the young and energetic D D Kapur who is also the JMD of Korus. The second was Nav Bharath Engineering led by Mr Bhisham Kumar a technocrat focused on bringing in innovative solutions to modern engineering challenges. NavBharath Engineering also was the supplier of the rolling mill for the Nigeria plant of Pulkit Group. With the efforts of their able partners Pulkit group is powered by the best rolling mill in the TMT Steel bar industry.   

Pulkit group focuses on constant and timely upgradation of technology and all the facilities boast of a production line that is closely monitored. Automated state-of-the-art milling machines at all workshops ensure consistency and stringent quality assurance and also help in rolling out bars across a range of diameters, with precision and accuracy. Pulkit also has excellent laboratory facilities and all incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods undergo strict quality checks. All elements are analysed using a spectrometer.

Pulkit TMT is one of the top TMT Bar Company and TMT bar suppliers in the country. Ribbed TMT bars made by Pulkit TMT bar manufacturer fulfils all the quality requirements expected out of top steel manufacturers producing TMT bars in profile rolling and structural steel. To know more about our metal working, our steel production and our world-class TMT bars log on to https://pulkittmt.in/