Thermo Mechanical Treatment is a three-step process utilized in the production of TMT bars, a unique innovation first introduced in the 20th century. TMT bars, being one of the most significant contributors to the modern construction industry, are made from high strength steel. Through the application of a unique metallurgical process, TMT steel bars carry a tough exterior while retaining a soft and flexible core.

In recent times, India has emerged as the world’s third largest base for steel production as also for its voluminous consumption. The existence of consistent demand for the development of infrastructure has driven the steel industry’s growth over the decades, thus paving the way for the arrival of dozens of TMT bar manufacturers across the country.

Pulkit Group, an industry leader in the manufacturing sector, has played a major role in the construction of dozens of residential properties in Southern India since its conception in 1995. Over the last 3 decades, the company has established itself as a premier steel bar manufacturer with notable presence across Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andhra Pradesh in India and Lagos, Nigeria.

Primarily establishing itself as a TMT bar company, Pulkit is a trusted supplier of TMT steel bars to major real estate projects such as Akshaya, VGN, Jain Housing, Ozone Group and VGN, among others. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider Pulkit for your future TMT bar requirements:

(1) Thermex Technology: At Pulkit, we utilize this patented German technology in our state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture superior strength and high-quality steel bars by heating raw materials to 1200°C and inducing rapid cooling. This process encourages uniform strength across all TMT bars, thus demonstrating the Pulkit standard of excellence.

(2) Ease of Use: Being a top steel manufacturer, we strive to facilitate the best possible experience in the usage and assembly of our TMT steel bars. Hence, all Pulkit TMT bars offer outstanding bendability, weldability and ductility required for modern construction while also maintaining their core strength.

(3) Budget-friendly: Over the years, Pulkit’s supply has been reflected in the construction of numerous public and private sector projects, especially due to the affordability, reliability and trust that our brand carries. Our TMT bars serve as a profitable alternative by proving to be a cost-effective option without compromising on overall strength and quality. 

(4) Low Maintenance: The Thermex process equips our TMT bars with exceptional strength and facilitates anti-corrosive and anti-rust properties. Our steel bars are safe and convenient to use and also easy to work with, owing to their light weight.

(5) Protection Against Calamities: Pulkit TMT holds superior bonding strength combined by its affinity for stabilizing and protecting buildings from risk of damage due to fires, earthquakes, floods, storms and other natural disasters capable of high damage to the structure.

(6) Quality: We have a flair for constantly upgrading to the latest technology for proven superiority in various processes. As a result, we manufacture our TMT bars through the use of quality milling machines that helps us maintain consistency, precision and accuracy in final output.

(7) Clientele: Our TMT steel bars are used across various dimensions of the construction industry for the purpose of infrastructure development, industrial development, housing projects and government projects relating to power, highways and rural development.

(8) Variety: Pulkit’s range of stellar anti-corrosive TMT bars include FE-415, FE-500 and FE-550 with high-ductility versions offered as well. These bars are manufactured with great accuracy and highest standards of quality, thereby enabling us to become a leader in the steel industry over time.

(9) Green Initiatives: We are the first steel company in India to install a Biomass Gasifier in order to make our operations pollution-free. Pulkit considers sustainability to be of the utmost importance and is one of the very first in India to ensure zero wastage in its operations.

(10) Customer-Oriented: Since our inception in 1995, Pulkit has aimed to satisfy customer requirements by providing not only the best quality steel bars but also efficient sales and customer support along with quality packing and on-time delivery of orders.

TMT bars are the cornerstone in all successful construction projects and therefore, ensuring a superior quality supply is crucial to fulfil these timely requirements. Choose Pulkit’s high quality steel TMT bars for your next project to build dependable and robust structures that you can rely on.

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